Just Sold! 152 Turner Rd. U:33 Holliston $215,000

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Just Sold! 152 Turner Rd. Unit #33 - Holliston $215,000. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, condo. Every sale has a story. I sold this unit to my client as a starter home back in 2016. Not long after, he met a lovely woman. They got hitched and in 2020 they purchased a single family home in Milford. Here's where it gets clever. While most people purchasing a new home would sell their old home, my client decided to keep his condo as a rental and has been enjoying a steady income stream for the past three years. Now in 2023, they welcomed their first child into the world, and decided it was time to sell. Not only did my client enjoy the rental income for several years, he also more than doubled his initial investment in only 7 years. These are the stories that keep me coming to work every day!