Just Sold! 147 Turner Road Unit #71 $210,000

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Just Sold! 147 Turner Rd. Unit #71 - Holliston $210,000. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, condo. Every sale has a story. My client purchased this unit back in 2014 before he and his wife had kids.  It served them well when it was just the two of them...but once baby #1 arrived in 2016 they quickly found themselves needing more space, so they purchased a larger home in Hopedale.  They kept their Holliston condo as an income property for the subsequent 7 years.  And now that baby #2 is here, it felt like the right time to cash out.  What a great decision it was to hold onto the Holliston property!  Not only did they enjoy rental income for 7 years, they also more than doubled their investment in that time.  I'm sure it was a difficult decision for a young couple to hold the property back in 2016, but with the benefit of hindsight, it was the right call.  Love it!